Prompt response

With fire scene evidence, once it’s gone it’s gone forever.  Prompt response to your fire scene to comprehensively examine it, secure and preserve critical evidence, take statements from eye witnesses and photographically document everything before contamination, further loss or spoliation occurs.

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Case preparation for trial

As an active volunteer Firefighter, I have a comprehensive hands-on, working knowledge of fire.  I am also a Vermont Licensed Private Investigator with extensive ‘at table’ trial experience spanning over two decades.  I work hand in hand with legal counsel to evaluate the forensic evidence,  prepare him/her for deposing the expert on ‘the other side’, assist in the preparation of the case for trial, and very importantly should the case go to trial I am able to present scientific and highly technical evidence to a jury in a manner that they understand.

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  • Fire scene examination
  • Forensic photography
  • Witness interviews
  • Expert witness testimony


  • Certified Fire Investigator – International Association of Arson Investigators IAAI-CFI®
  • ProBoard® Certified to NFPA® 1033-14 – National Registry
  • Vermont Licensed Private Investigator – Qualifying Agent since 1998

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